Janine here! I’ve started this blog as a way to help you get the most out of your energy choices.

How much do you think about the energy you’re using and where it comes from? Chances are, not a lot. Who would want to? Sounds boring, right? Just pay your direct debit and forget about it for the next 30 days.

But there is so much more to energy than a once a month payment. Energy affects every aspect of our lives, it influences the world around us and will influence the very future of our planet.

Sounds more important now doesn’t it?

Energy Communications is here to help you understand where your energy comes from, help you choose the latest tech gadgets that will help you control your energy, as well as present nonbiased and informative reviews of energy companies and their tariffs.

I am helped along a little bit (read: a lot) by my husband Marcus. We first met in a sales environment for energy companies and have since had an epiphany on the sort of path that career was taking us. Together, we decided that it wasn’t for us and now we own an independent energy company – we’re small, but we’re strong!

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We advocate responsibly sourced energy at a reasonable price and we aim to help anyone and everyone achieve their needs.

We live in the suburbs of Truro, Cornwall (that’s the south west of England if you’re visiting us from overseas!), it’s a lovely place with green fields for miles and it’s proving itself to be a haven for us and our pups. Our two Staffies love running amongst the fields of wheat and the area is perfect for our solar panels to harvest renewable energy!

Take a look at our blogs or get in touch to get involved and share your secrets!