Emerging Opportunities in the Clean Energy Space

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Going greener with one’s energy consumption and energy sources isn’t merely one of those tree-hugger movements sweeping the world as the latest fad. It’s highly imperative for you as an individual to resolve to at least give some thought to doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint, because in the very near future this will have some long-lasting implications to important aspects of your life such as your finances.

Yes, the technology surrounding cleaner energy sources is getting cheaper and cheaper, but I honestly feel there’s a narrowing window of opportunity for those who really want to get in on the action and position themselves to benefit greatly from the green energy revolution which is perhaps yet to hit its peak. So I endeavoured to research and identify some opportunities anyone looking to enter the clean energy space can explore, whatever the size of your pockets may be.

Crowdfunded projects

When I said “whatever the size of your pocket may be,” I really meant it and looking towards crowdfunded projects and start-ups is the way to go if you’re looking to invest anything from as low as a single pound right up to around a couple hundred pounds.

Crowdfunding platforms are awash with green energy projects to get into, many of which naturally have the founders seeking to maximise the potential and efficiency of emerging green energy concepts, such as the use of solar panels in conjunction with more efficient power storage units.

Naturally, these crowdsourced projects vary by way of any stake investors known as backers or funders will ultimately have in the finished product, so it’s perhaps just a matter of determining how much ownership you’re ideally looking for. You may not expressly be looking to get future profits out of the sales of the finished product or service, for instance, perhaps rather seeking to benefit from something like receiving one of the units of the final product or enjoying a lifelong discount on the subsequent service to be delivered on the back of the project’s development.

Either way, crowdfunding platforms make for a great gateway into the world of green energy investments, so they’re worth scouring for any such opportunities.

Operating software

When many people look for ways to entertain the prospect of getting into the clean energy space, they often look in the most obvious of places, which take the form of the physical components used in the production of cleaner energy. However, the software and utilities side of proceedings in the cleaner energy space is where the infinite opportunity resides and the scene has never been better set for the next Bill Gates to emerge!

You don’t have to be a programmer or developer yourself, but you can get in on the action by chipping in to fund programmers and developers who are on a mission to develop the software which will operate, maintain and monitor all these systems which are emerging in the clean energy space. Think of it as buying stock in the 21st century’s Microsoft!