The Human-Lives Cost of Development

At the risk of coming across as a bit negative, I’m going to share some dynamics of the development of our species and our world which may make for a bit of a sore point.

I’ll get right into it and draw your attention to how much our development has cost in human-lives. It’s very easy for someone who hasn’t been directly impacted by this tragedy to dismiss it as part and parcel of the process or just part of evolution, but spare a thought for those families who would give anything at all to have just one more moment with their sole bread winner who gave their lives to an establishment such as a construction company, prior to losing their lives while on the job.

I’ve recently been on a trip to South Africa and I must say I’m rather impressed by the structures I saw in the form of the stadia which were built or refurbished for the FIFA World Cup which was held back in 2010. However, after reading the report about how many deaths occurred, albeit that it was more of a positive report in that it shone a light on how construction-site deaths have decreased from previous projects of this scale, the idea for this particular post first came to me. It’s only now that I’ve really had time to expand on it and even go as far as writing about it.

Yes, with improved global standards of workplace environments which include the likes of construction sites, the human lives we lose with each new development project are reduced. Employers in construction sites, warehouses, and other physically demanding jobs are now needed to ensure that they offer comprehensive training to the employees regarding safety. Additionally, they are required to provide safety gear, like gloves (visit to buy these), hard hats, slip-resistant footwear, respirators, safety vests, etc. The employers also need to ensure the proper functioning of machinery that is to be handled by workers. Fortunately, these steps seem to be yielding positive outcomes for both workers and employers.

Besides this, the provision of workers comp insurance by most companies today can ensure that even major surgeries and rehabilitation can happen irrespective of cost, helping save many lives in the process. However, does this mean we have to be content with what appears to be the fact of life that our development simply costs human lives?

I certainly think more needs to be done, especially since if one goes back to the example of the soccer stadia built for the World Cup, one would come across the rather disturbing information that some of those stadia are white elephants of some sort. The local sporting organisations beyond the soccer spheres are doing their bit to try and make use of them, but the question is did all the people who died die for what many would refer to as trophy venues?

It isn’t something exclusive to South Africa – I just used that as an example to drive the point home.

Many families all across the world don’t know if they’re saying goodbye to their loved ones for the last time when they set off for work to participate in another project and sometimes they aren’t even met with the heartbreaking news of the death of that worker, but rather the news of something like their disability or incapacity incurred as a result of having suffered a workplace injury.

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