Why Fracking is a Bad Idea in the Long Run

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With this particular topic and in this particular instance I have no qualms at all about being considered to be a bit of a conspiracy theory loon, quite simply because I stand firm on my belief that fracking is in no way a solution to our energy needs. The conspiracy-entertaining part comes into play from the point of view of the big corporations which stand to profit hugely from this dubious industry in that they naturally want to protect their profits, sometimes at all costs.

Not once have I read a piece of news or seen something on the telly about some fracking conglomerate putting their hands up and admitting that fracking is an unsustainable channel through which to cater to the world’s energy needs and yet every single day some new evidence adds to the already overwhelming selection of evidence proving that fracking is both harmful in the short term and unsustainable in the long term.

Fracking is a bad idea period, not only in the long term but perhaps more so in the long term because of what appears to be some permanent damage it deals to the environment.

Over in the United States, the government has confirmed that the cause of some of the earthquakes they’ve been having is indeed due to drilling activities associated with fracking, so that should already be setting off alarm bells if not accounting for a total review of the green-light status fracking currently enjoys. Yes, jobs are produced, but does that mean that there is a need for the production of jobs at all costs, including the cost of the quality of our lives in the future and the quality of the lives of the future generations?

Does what is essentially a temporary job, in any case, justify the horror stories of the likes of flammable water farmers find themselves having to deal with whose farms are located in an around those regions earmarked for fracking?

I truly believe the masses have been sold an economic dream which doesn’t look as rosy as first implied once the reality of that dream sets in. The numbers around anything and everything to do with fracking are quite staggering, to say the least.

For one, each fracking site consumes an average of 40,000 gallons of chemicals and I’m not just talking about our precious water resource here. The water used for each frack will blow your mind – equalling no less than eight million gallons!

As far as the number of chemicals contained in the fracking fluid used, I don’t think you can find that chemical composition in any conventional science textbook, with 600 chemicals used!

We have to look at the other side of the story, however, which in no way justifies the means. In fact, the amount of natural gas produced per day from fracking only serves to fuel the argument that fracking is a bad idea, with 300,000 barrels output per day.

Natural gas should be harvested only insofar as it is easy to harvest, which means that we should never have to resort to procedures such as fracking.