Do You Prefer to Cook with Gas or Electricity?

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Whenever I watch some TV shows which feature people searching for new homes to move into, I just can’t help conducting a little energy efficiency analysis on the fly, from the little I can pick up of course. One particular show of this kind I really like is House Hunters International, and in most cases, I notice how many of these “house hunters” from the western world like to emphasize their love for gas stoves over an electric stove, I suppose implicitly because gas is more cost-effective than cooking with an electric stove.

Perhaps gas is more cost-effective than cooking with an electric stove. I mean, look at propane, a cooking gas that you can avail from suppliers at and other similar sites. It burns slower than natural gas, produces lower carbon emissions, and requires less hardware maintenance when you use it. So, there are more pros to using it than one might initially think, which makes it a viable fuel source. And if you use it for a long time, you’re likely to enjoy some great cost efficiency and energy savings.

Nonetheless, I prefer cooking with an electric stove, but I suppose when one thinks about it from an energy efficiency point of view, gas is still the way to go, for now…

In my honest opinion, a gas stove is more energy-efficient than an electric stove. In a gas stove, direct heat is transferred to the food through flames, whereas in an electric stove, the heat is radiated, which can result in energy losses. Furthermore, propane gas costs less than electricity, and with propane suppliers such as Nelson Propane Gas Incorporated (, it may not be difficult to switch from an electric stove to a gas one.

However, with a gas stove, I can never quite get the heat set just right. I mean you turn the knob up one notch and your rice burns because the fire is way too hot and then when you turn it back down one notch then the fire doesn’t seem to be hot enough and so whatever you’re cooking tends to cook much slower, so you spend a lot more time cooking which in turn means you’re burning more gas and subsequently wasting more resources. I don’t know if it’s just me though, but I really prefer an electric stove because then I feel fully in control of the heat settings.

As far as safety goes as well, I reckon an electric stove is much safer, especially if you have it properly installed and inspected by Xpert Electric ( or a similarly certified electrician. As long as your electrical grid is safe and you don’t mess around with the outlets and the wires then the chances of an electric stove burning your house down on its own aren’t too high. Meanwhile, gas stoves can get leaky if they’re not properly maintained, and we all know how much of a fire risk a gas leak is.

I guess if I was stuck with a gas stove and had to use it exclusively for most of my life then I’d probably get used to it, but at this particular point in time I usually only come into contact with a gas stove when I’m lodging at someplace that has one of those or when I’m staying over with some family members.

It’s said that you can’t smell carbon monoxide, but whatever gas is used in gas stoves does indeed have a distinctive smell which is rather offensive to my nose, even though this may largely be a psychological thing. I’m just not comfortable at all with the thought that there just may be a gas leak taking place while we’re all sleeping or unknowingly going about our daily domestic activities. If however, you do have concerns about gas leaks, you might desire to look into a company similar to which may be of help in helping you get your tank serviced and potentially solve your concerns.

I’ll tell you what – it takes some skill to light up the fire as well if the stove isn’t one of those which has a built-in spark notch.

What is your preference? Would you rather cook with gas or with electricity and whichever one of the two you currently cook with, is it out of choice or necessity?