Why More Ordinary People Need to Get in on the Clean Energy Revolution

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In many ways, clean energy champions are seen as people who are a bit more affluent than the average person and can therefore afford to turn their attentions to things like environmental issues, but it really shouldn’t be that way. In fact, from the honest point of view of an eager insider, alternative energy sources can account for a smaller energy bill at the end of each month, although it may seem like the initial investment in these alternative energy sources will take a while to recover, let alone have you start realising some returns by way of the intended savings.

That’s where the problem lies, I think. The problem lies in our approach to exploring and pursuing alternative energy sources. We tend to do it on an individual basis, looking out only for number one!

If more ordinary people came together and joined forces to explore cleaner energy sources and alternatives to the mainstream energy sources we’re all hooked up to, we could potentially make things much more affordable. Also, by considering technologies like Uranium Production for nuclear power, for instance, we might discover worthwhile solutions. This collective effort could help us realize the benefits of cleaner energy much faster.

It really doesn’t require some mind-breaking planning and analysis, with the simplest approach to this contained in the age-old principle of things being much cheaper when bought in bulk. Alternative energy equipment in particular starts getting cheaper as soon as you put in an order starting from two units and upwards as opposed to going it alone and just buying one unit, so that’s a good start. If you and your neighbour across the street each want to install a solar geyser, for example, ordering two of these geysers at once will immediately slash each of the prices and this often includes value added services such as their installation.

Now just imagine if your entire street, block or neighbourhood endeavoured to effect some cleaner, greener, alternative energy sources all at once – you could all be in for some major savings.

Going beyond the cost factor however, when there is a concerted effort among citizens who live in close proximity to each other to achieve anything, the chances of whatever it is they’re targeting being achieved increase considerably. If each of the homeowners in your neighbourhood has solar panels installed for example and the overall energy generated reaches a surplus to the point that you can feed some power back into the grid, that puts all of you in a very powerful position to negotiate something like rebates with your local energy supplier and even to negotiate something like cheaper rates for your utility bills.

Finally, more ordinary people need to get in on the clean energy revolution so that the industry can grow at a quicker rate than it currently is, even though it is indeed already growing at quite a remarkable rate. More patronage of any industry will have suppliers, producers, designers and innovators dedicate more of their time, efforts and resources to developing the industry further, which will naturally result in a lot more solutions being made available at a much cheaper rate, making it all more affordable for the average person.