Alternative Sources Of Energy

One of the most important sources of energy, Oil Energy. This highly flammable liquid oil is presently used in cars and in generating electricity as well. Oils of crude oil are the integral part of mechanical oils. To get rid of the smoke emitted by the burning of the engine, the oil just burns. This […]

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How Does Electricity Work?

The term “electricity” can mean two things in our language. It can refer to electrical energy and also the power supplied by electric motors to work on something. Electrical energy is energy obtained from kinetic energy or electric potential energy stored in some kind of a battery. When utilized, loosely speaking, electricity refers to energy […]

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The Basics of Gas Safety in the workplace

It is essential that workplaces install proper health and safety practices for gas related aspects of the workplace. Incorrect installation can lead to explosions, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. One of the first steps towards ensuring you are complying with current gas legislation is to work out who is competent to carry out maintenance on […]

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4 top eco-friendly hotels in Las Vegas

If you think of Las Vegas your first thought is unlikely to be ‘environmentally friendly’, but many of the city’s top hotels have worked hard to become some of the eco-friendliest in the world. Vegas is built around tourism and travel and while many businesses still haven’t adopted any sustainable eco-friendly practices, the likes of […]

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